BookDog: Managing Your Browser Bookmarks

I generally Jump Between Safari and Firefox partially because I’m not completely happy with either of the browsers, but mostly because I do some web design stuff. I really hate having to export bookmarks and reimport them constantly. Having access to my bookmarks is one of the reasons why I spend a bit more of my time in Firefox then in Safari. It’s just painful to me. Well Bookdog 5, by Sheep Systems(Ok, what’s with the animals?) lets you synchronize your bookmarks between multiple browsers. Now, this would be a great app if it was free, but it’s not! I have no problem with paying for applications, but for $19.95 USD I’m not to sure. Now, to be fair here, I’ve only been using it for a couple of days, and I still have some time before the trial wears out so I might change my mind. But, considering some of the top notch software I’ve paid 20 bones for, this may just be a breaking point. Anyway I digress, the software lets you output your bookmarks to and google bookmarks which, if I was a frequent user of, I might just drop the money on this app. I’d also be willing to pay 20.00 right now if they got someone to redesign an Icon for them, cause frankly….it kind of freaks me out. It’s eyes follow me around the room…seriously… uggh!

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