Let go of my Blogo!

If you are a blogger and you aren’t using Blogo you are missing out on a wonderful application for the Mac and your blog.

Blogo is a desktop application for publishing to many different blog sites including Blogger, Typepad, and WordPress, just to name a few. I am actually using Blogo to write this post right now. The best part about the application is you can set up several blogging accounts on it, then chose where you want to publish the blog that you have written. This makes it especially nice if you are like me and have a personal blog and then write for a more popular blog!

I have been using Blogo for a for about 2 weeks now and have recently made the $25 plunge and purchase this wonderful software. If you are a little nervous about buying Blogo, you can download it and try it for 30 days at http://drinkbrainjuice.com

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