Beam me Over with Teleport!

    From time to time I come across an absolutely amazing app that I can’t live without, be it a silly utility or some kind of time waster. Now I know I am not the only one out there with more than one Mac, so this will come in handy for all of you. Teleport is a utility that allows you to set up your Macs to work with each other. Ok, so maybe that wasn’t very clear. Teleport lets you control your other Mac computers from one single computer using the host computer’s mouse and keyboard. You can even enable a synchronized pasteboard. Now this isn’t screen sharing. Let me give you an example. I have my MacBook Pro in front of me, on my TV I have a Mac Mini hooked up. I have Teleport set up on my MBP and Mac Mini. I set up the Mac Mini to be shared to certain trusted computers ie. MBP. This allows me to use my MBP as a controller of sorts. So this makes it where I don’t need to move to my TV to open Safari to launch I can do it all from the comfort of my couch using my Macbook Pro.

    This is really one of the greatest utilities out there for me. Being able to set up and control my other Macs from just my MBP is great. I do reccomend keeping a keyboard and mouse hooked up to the other computer just incase you need it. But I rarely need to use them. Teleport is free and available from . Download and enjoy.

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