Barnes & Noble App for the iPhone — A great way to find new Books

I really dig when I fall on an app I would not otherwise have found. The Barnes and Nobles bookstore would fall in that category. As Canadians, we don’t have B&N’s so why go looking for their app? Well, let me fill you on to the why!

As an avid reader, I often rely on conversation or word of mouth to go pick up a book. Just walking around my local bookstore aimlessly is hard to fit in the calendar. Now I can use this great app to do some searching on the go!

Under the discover tab, you can browse from best sellers, new releases, recommendations, and even read reviews on specific books they have decided to showcase!

Other neat features include the ability to take a picture of the cover of a book, and somehow it automatically finds the book online, although I have to admit it’s faster to type the name since you have to take the picture perfectly for it to actually work.

Last week in conversation, someone told me about the book Trizophrenia. Knowing I would forget the title, I launched the app, typed the name and added to the cart; one click, and I could have the book land on my doorsteps within 3 days!

I really have nothing but positive things to say about this app, but a bonus would be the ability to buy directly from the app without it launching Safari.

Photo Credit: Hey Paul

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