Back To School: Games

So you are going back to school. Summer has been too short, and you really don’t want to listen to your professors about boring subjects. Not to mention the long lines to pick up your books if you didn’t get them used from Amazon. I am going to make you life a little more bearable with a couple of games that will not only occupy your time, but might distract you so much that you might fail out of school.

Ricky: Ricky needs to find his little brother Parry. With over 75 levels, 4 worlds and 4 bosses this has to be one of the most addicting games I have played on the iPhone. The game has a Super Mario Bro’s feel to it. Ricky himself wears a Mario hat but looks like Kirby. The graphics in this game are phenomenal. Unlike some other games on the iPhone, Ricky gets more and more difficult with every level. And like Super Mario Bro’s each level is timed. This is a must buy in my book. <iTunes Link>

Paper Toss World Tour: If you really enjoy little time wasters, then you will probably love this game. World Tour is the second game in the Paper Toss series. Basic concept of the game is you tossing a wad of paper into a waste basket. You enemy is wind and distance. In World Tour, every time you get at least 3 paper balls in a row into the trash can, you get a new level added. With each level the distance between you and the waste basket increases. With the increase in distance, the harder the level is. This is a great time waster for when you are waiting in line or waiting for class to start.<iTunes Link>

Some Other games you may want to look into:

Arcade Bowling
Golden Axe
Book Worm

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