Australian Artists Create “New Mac Smell” Perfume

You may have heard the term “new car smell” bandied about as an idiom for the enjoyment of a new and expensive purchase, but Melbourne artists Gavin Bell, Jarrah de Kuijer, and Simon McGlinn went a step further and actually bottled the smell of a new Apple MacBook Pro. The three paired up with fragrance mavens Air Aroma to produce the scent, and they intend to share it with the attendees of their art show (now on at West Space – Level 1, 225 Bourke Street, Melbourne – April 20th – May 12th):

To replicate the smell a brand new unopened Apple was sent to our fragrance lab in France. From there, professional perfume makers used the scents they observed unboxing the new Apple computer to source fragrance samples. On completion the laptop was sent back to Australia, travelling nearly 50,000kms and returned to our clients together with scent of an Apple Macbook Pro.

Though I myself have been guilty of taking a deep whiff when a new Apple product box is opened, it makes for an interesting artistic concept: Changing the context in which the “New MacBook Pro” smell is enjoyed from “incidental experience that only occurs once in while” to “atmosphere created intentionally and persistently”. There are no plans to move the fragrance into mass production, as it exists solely as an artistic idea, but I’m sure it would fly off the shelves to Hipsters who want to make a good impression on first dates.

Gizmodo says some very unkind and belittling things about the artists, calling their art project “frivolous” and the individuals themselves “the most materialistic men ever”. Bear in mind, however, Gizmodo is the website that was been banned for life from CES for switching off other exhibitors’ displays and from all Apple events for purchasing stolen property. Frivolous and materialistic, indeed.

Source: 9to5Mac

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