Audio Hijack 3 Now Available To Step Up Your Recording Game

There are few indie developers that can move the needle in their respective niche quite like Rogue Amoeba. So my guess is that there were quite a few happy ears at the company’s announcement of Audio Hijack 3 Tuesday, an update to their not-quite-pro, not-quite-basic, but definitely sweet-spot audio recording and editing software.

Audio Hijack (AH) is billed as software to record “any audio,” but where it really excels—compared to GarageBand or Logic—is with non-music-related recording—podcasts, screencasts, capturing some silly sound you found on Safari. AH falls into this “sweet spot” by being flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of needs without ever making you feel like there’s too much going on application-wise you’ll never make use of.

This update is a near from-the-ground -up re-write, starting with a new grid interface that let’s you build your recording as a pipeline, a concept that seems more intuitive and tactile to manipulate. I’d go on with the long roll of new features, but I stopped at the bullet point that talked about the added de-noise, de-click, and de-hum audio effects. I’m sure everyone reading this with a podcast hobby can stop reading here too and start clicking wantonly for the “purchase” button. (Ask any budding podcaster about the amount of hate which can be directed towards the common household hum.)

Audio Hijack 3 is available directly from Rogue Amoeba for $49, with pricing upgrade of $25 if you’re stepping up from any previous Audio Hijack product.