AT&T MyWireless Mobile

AT&T finally got around to releasing an application that will allow an AT&T subscriber to manage their account from their iPhone OS device.

The AT&T My Wireless application allows for any AT&T user to access their account without having to login to the website. Within the application you have the following options: Bill & Pay, Usage, and Features.

The Bill & Pay section of the application allows you to view your Last Payment, Last Payment Date, current payment amount, Current payment date. view your full bill as a PDF or even make a payment. The Payment option pulls your current information straight from the AT&T website, so there’s no need to add your information locally. This is quite convenient.

The usage section is probably the most useful out of the entire application. This allows you to see exactly how many minutes your account has used. In addition to minutes, the amount of data as well as text message usage. Now this can be viewed individually, or as a group (if you have a Family plan).

The last section is is ‘Features’. This is where you can add additional features to your plan. I guess this can be useful, but I don’t know how many people will be regularly adding options to their accounts.

There are some oddities with the application though. Mostly just odd visual things. For instance, there are two navigational options. A Tab Bar, and menu buttons. Now, this in and of itself isn’t the problem. The problem is that the navigation is not carried out throughout the entire application.

The second is the login page. See the image below. There are two options, ‘Done’ and ‘Go’. Now using the option of ‘Done’ would mean, to me anyway, that you are just finished, do nothing when I hit this button. Go, on the other hand, would say, ‘Log Me In’. Not in this application. They both do the same damn thing. So why not just take out the ‘Done’ button, or have it do nothing.

Overall the application is a good choice if you want to manage your AT&T account while on the go away from a web-browser. My only question is, ‘Why wasn’t this the absolute FIRST application that Apple showed off when the iPhone OS SDK was announced? It’s a good price, free, as $0.00 and available from the app store now.

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