AT&T cutting some slack

    News has shot out today that AT&T has met their customers demand and will be offering the regular subsidized pricing to iPhone 3G customers. The internet screamed with joy! But, their press release was a bit misleading and the joyous outburst was a bit premature. AT&T is going to help out some customers, but not all. If you qualify for an upgrade in July, August or September you will be eligible for the $199 and $299 price points of the new iPhone 3GS. How ever if your eligibility is after those months you will not catch the break. Also this break is for a limited time.

    I called AT&T to verify, just to see if I myself could get break this friday. I was told no. Why, Because even though I am an iPhone 3G customer, I for one did not own the first gen, and therefore my contract will not allow me full upgrade discounts until december. Wait, did I hear that right? If I would have dropped $699 on the first iPhone and had AT&T, then upgraded to the iPhone 3G, I would be eligible to upgrade for a full subsidized price this friday. Well that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But what can you do.

    I have to say, the whole press release is very misleading, and it is a shame that AT&T wont extend this offer to all 3G customers. The bigger shame will come when these people are able to upgrade, and then 6 months later the new iPhone Super Newton will be announced and they will want to upgrade again.

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