Arrest that man, his iPod is naked!

Now I don’t know about you, but I like to protect my stuff. Especially my expensive iPods and iPhone.

It seems that less people are doing this. Maybe because it is uncool. Kind of like when I was in school and the nerds all had pocket protectors and book keepers. But that is different. I paid good money for my iPods and iPhone and I want them to last.

There are several types of protection for your apple gear and hundreds of companies making silicone cases. I am only going to point out a few though. The first one is iSkin is probably also one of the most known for making iPod, iPhone and other cases for your apple stuff. I personally only have one of their items though. That item is the revo2 for the iPhone. I have to say it does its job. It protects what I have spent a good part of my money on. However it is a silicone product which means that it will need to be cleaned and it does get stuck in your pocket on occasion. Most all of iSkin’s products are that of the silicone nature. But if you want to keep your stuff safe and still look cool, you might as well check them out.

The next company is I pretty much use iFrogz for all of my iPod needs. I have several cases from them for my shuffle, my iPod video, Touch, and Nano. They have fast shipping and great customer service. Again, they specialize in silicone so you have to deal with that, but their product is great. They even have an iPod Nano 3rd gen case that has built in speakers, It is great.

The last company that I will mention is . They make a great line of hard plastic cases for all lines of iPod/iPhone. I actually have two of their cases. I have a clear case that they put out for my iPhone and the white Flick case for my iPhone. Their cases are thin, and slick. This cuts down on the bulk that you may get with a silicone case. I actually love the flick case and highly recommend this case to any iPhone user that wants protection but doesn’t want it to show. You can’t even tell that I have the case on my phone hardly.

If you value your apple iPod/iPhone check out the sites.

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