AppShopper iPhone/iPad app released today announced the official release of their new iPhone and iPad app. Appshopper is an app which tracks iOS apps, updates, releases and allows you to rate the apps that you use. You can create a list of apps you already own, and also create wishlists of apps that you want, and appshopper will notify you if there are any changes in the price of the app, so you won’t miss it if the app goes on sale. Appshopper also tracks the app’s ‘activity’, noting each time the price changes on an application, so you can see whether the app is likely to stay fixed at a certain price, or whether there is price volatility up or down.

Appshopper requires you to set up a free account in order to create a wishlist or a “My Apps” list, but you can still browse the popular and new releases categories without one. You can use your existing account to login.

Appshopper is just one of many such app watching services, helping consumers save money by alerting them when apps go on sale. With the ever increasing number of apps available in the iTunes Store, over 250,000 at last count, the ability to filter, categorize and create lists of apps reduces the noise and allows you to find the best prices.

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