Grab iTunes Radio Tracks For Later With AirPlay Recorder

Maybe it’s the equivalent of recording the radio onto audio cassettes, or maybe it’s just outright theft, depending on where you live. There’s been a long history of recording music from streaming services, and the legalities of it have always been somewhat grey. We’re about to make things a little bit greyer: AirPlay Recorder lets you record audio tracks from iTunes Radio.

The app is pretty simple to use. You open the app, and it pretends to be an AirPlay device, and then you can send music to it while it records what’s playing. Actually, this works for any app, both iOS and OS X, that lets you send audio to an AirPlay device.

To start recording:

  1. Select ‘dT Recorder’ from the iTunes AirPlay menu (or any AirPlay menu)
  2. Start playing an audio or radio stream in iTunes

Like Macworld points out, you could justify using the applications for things like recording iTunes Radio tracks for playback in your car so you don’t burn through your data plans while on the road.

Is it legal? Who knows. What we do know is that there are a ton of applications that already do this kind of thing. One of the more popular options is Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack Pro. It’s been around for years, and it lets you tap into all kinds of internet audio streams, including Skype calls. I’ve used Audio Hijack Pro for years, grabbing Skype conversations for podcasts. I’ve also used it for a lot of other things. Like, you know…  The thing about AirPlay Recorder is that it’s a breeze to use, making it the fastest to set up and get using. It’s worth checking out.

The app will set you back $10.00.

Via Macworld

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