Application OCD

I hate to admit it but I’m a little (OK, maybe a lot) OCD about my iPhone. One of the things I obsess about is how my apps are organized. I have to organize them by how much I use them, by color and by function. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? (Thank you Apple, I used to be a pretty normal girl before the iPhone. Almost.)

On my first page I have my most used apps: some of Apple’s stock apps plus Tweetie, Birdhouse, Beejive and Omnifocus. I liked the first Tweetie’s blue icon better since this one doesn’t look so good with the rest of my apps. Also I don’t really use Birdhouse much anymore so I’m going crazy trying to find something to replace it.

My second page has the rest of my most used apps. Two “tapbots” (both gray), two camera apps (both mostly dark), shopping and fitness apps (both green), two money apps (both dark), two reading apps, two white and orange apps, two apps with green in it and two music apps (both blue). Starts to get a bit obsessive, doesn’t it?

My third page has my “official apps”: the Apple apps that aren’t in my first page plus some other official ones: Facebook, Google, Amazon, Flickr, Dropbox, WordPress and Skype. I have the darker apps on the first row and the rest is mostly blue.

Ok, I know the Wikipanion app is neither an official app nor blue. I know. And that fact still keeps me up at night.

This page has mostly a few utilities plus some apps that I like to have around but I don’t use that often. I have them organized in pairs by color, as you can see, but also by function in a way that makes sense to me (disclaimer: the fact that it makes sense to me doesn’t necessarily mean it makes sense to anyone else, so don’t feel bad if you don’t get how I organize them).

I have three more screens: one with camera applications (photo editing, filters, etc), one with games and one with apps I’m still testing. That’s where I keep the apps I’m not sure I want to keep and the ones I still haven’t found a place for (you can probably tell by now how thankful I was for the app  organization feature in the new iTunes). This page is usually pretty disorganized so I try not to look at it often. It bothers me a little.

So, how crazy am I?

Leave a comment below explaining how you organize your apps.

Sofia is a 23-year old marketing and advertising student from Portugal who is also interested in techs and gadgets. A true Apple fangirl and the silliest geek you'll ever meet.