Apple’s Magical Mouse – The Magic Mouse

I recently purchased the Apple Magic Mouse.  It replaced my Apple Mighty Mouse that has been on the fritz for some time.  The scroll wheel would tend to get stuck intermittently; however, this time I was unable to get it working again.  I’ve been wanting the Magic Mouse for sometime, but couldn’t justify the cost because my other mouse was working.

At first use I was really impressed with how quickly my iMac recognized the Magic Mouse.  I also took note of how smooth the mouse glides on the desk.  With its glass surface the top of the mouse is smooth as well.  With no discerning left or right buttons or scroll wheel, you would think that this mouse was a single button mouse without any scrolling capability.  That’s were you’d be wrong.  It is capable of these functions plus many more.

The Magic Mouse employs many of the same functionalities that you would find on a MacBook Pro’s Touch Pad.  For example by performing a two finger swipe to the left you can go back a page in a browser, or by swiping to the right you can go forward a page.  This however is not limited to just a web browser.  You can perform these same actions in the iTunes Store.  This makes navigating the iTunes Store a lot smoother.

Another feature to note is the horizontal scrolling,  This can be performed by simply swiping a single finger in either the left or right direction on the surface of the mouse.  The vertical scrolling is performed in much the same way.  Instead of swiping left to right, you swipe up and down.

Apple has dramatically improved on the Power Management.  My Mighty Mouse would go through batteries like crazy.  However, I’ve had the Magic Mouse for about two weeks, and it’s only decreased in power by 13%.

Apple has out done themselves on this mouse.  From it’s smooth surface, to its touch interface this mouse has it all.  I would like to see Apple top themselves with their next input device.  Who knows they might come out with a gesture based input device.  Can we say Minority Report?

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