Apple’s iPad Still #1 In Mobile PC Sales

The PC market (mobile or otherwise) has seen some strange days in the last few years with the meteoric rise of mobile technology, and nothing underlines that better than Apple’s iPad which once again takes the number one spot. NPD reports that Apple shipped 17.2 million mobile PCs globally in the first quarter of 2012, and that nabs them a 22.5 percent share, which is more than twice what second-runner-up Hewlett-Packard managed to bag with 8.9 million mobile PCs for an 11.6 percent share.

AllThingsD talks about the rise and the rise of the iPad, which, to date, is not only surfing atop the declining sales of every other mobile PC maker but also remains unrivaled by any other tablet for its marketshare:

Of the 17.2 million “mobile PCs” Apple shipped, 13.6 million were iPads. And in that particular segment of the market — tablets — Apple’s domination is unrelenting. In the first quarter, Apple claimed a stunning 62.8 percent share of the tablet market, dwarfing every single one of its rivals. Samsung, its next closest rival, shipped just 1.6 million tablets during the quarter, for a share of 7.5 percent. Amazon followed with 900,000 tablets shipped and a 4 percent share. Bringing up the rear: Research In Motion and Asus, which sold 500,000 tablets each, for a 2.3 percent market share.

It’s also interesting to consider the iPad as a PC — without the qualifier of “mobile”. One doesn’t have to be very observant to see the iPad doesn’t really look like a PC, and so critics are justifiably skeptical as to whether or not it’s fair to compare the tablet to one. Yet, at the same time, “Personal Computer” in 2012 might very well mean something other than a beige box on your desk.

Source: NPD
Via: AllThingsD

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