Is Apple testing large touchscreens for an iMac touch?

Taiwanese manufacturer Sintek Photronics has sent samples of projected capacitive touch panels to Apple for testing, reports DigiTimes. Citing industry sources, these panels were shipped for possible use in the next generation of iMacs, which may feature fully integrated touch panels.

Manufacture of large touchscreens is a complex and difficult process, and Sintek Photronics is the most likely candidate to manufacture such screens, given their upgrade in April 2010 to produce the touchscreens in their 5.3G plant, capable of making screens of 1200mm x 1300mm in large quantities.

The traditional method of making touch screens involves placing sensors on top of the LCD panel, and then glass on top. It is rumoured that these new screens will integrate the touch sensors and the glass, reducing the thickness and improving brightness of the screens.

The current IPS screen technology that is used in the iMac has a very wide 178 degree viewing angle, and any future iMacs would need to keep that high standard that consumers have come to expect from Apple.

Would a touch screen iMac sell? I think it would. The iMac line needs a refresh, and adding a touch model to the lineup (or replacing the lineup completely) would definitely turn consumer attention back to the desktop.

Article via DigiTimes.

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