Apple Subsidizing iTunes U institutions?

What is Apple doing with their $30 billion in the bank?

Apple has close to $30 billion in the bank. This amount, to anybody but large governmental agencies, or large corporations where billions are next to nothing, is believed this to be a huge amount of money. Just think, $30 billion is 100,334,448 16GB iPhone 3Gs, minus tax.

Now, I have no evidence of this, but I think Apple is Using some of their vast budget to help subsidize Colleges and Universities defer the cost of some of the courses, like Stanford’s Spring Class CS 193P, which is entirely available for free on iTunes U.

Now, I don’t mean to think that Apple isn’t already subsidizing the courses, through bandwidth and hosting, that is already given, but just through other means.

For instance, it could be as simple as supplying the iPod Touches for actual testing of the Student applications, or supplying the Macs, for free for the student labs, to the possibility of actually paying the salaries, or giving a donation that’s equivalent thereto.

It just seems odd that they are not, in some non-obvious way, subsidizing these classes. I may be full of crap, and just have my conspiracy hat on too tight today, but who knows, there may be something to the whole situation.

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