Apple to release Final Cut Pro X in June for $299


Announced  today, Final Cut Pro X — a completely rebuilt, 64-bit version of Apple’s pro video editing software — will launch in June for $299 on the Mac App Store.

FCP X has a laundry list of new features, including massive updates to importing, color correction, audio editing, the video timeline and more.

FCP X will render in the background, and perform many tasks as footage is being imported. Transcoding and other “sit and wait” tasks should be a thing of the past. The demos appeared to run very quickly, thanks at least in part to Grand Central Dispatch being used to delegate tasks across multiple processors.

At just $299, it is clear that Apple is going after a new market with this release. There was no news of Final Cut Express, or the other apps that are currently in the Final Cut Studio package of software, but as June comes closer, new information is bound to be released.

Photo credit: Adam Bedford/Twitpic

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