Is Apple Promoting Hackintosh?

    We are all well aware of Apple’s legal battle with Psystar and a few other companies that are selling Hackintosh systems. But is it possible that Apple is promoting DIY Hackintosh for some of their customers? I bring this up because since Apple introduced the Intel Chips in 2006, making a Hackintosh has become easier than it was. Hackintosh machines have also become more popular since the Netbook movement recently. Fan Boys and Girls are showing that they want Apple netbooks. But Apple has said several times that they don’t want to be in that market. Which I can understand. If you look at the figures, these computer companies aren’t making much on netbooks. But then why doesn’t Apple want other computer companies making and selling Hackintosh netbooks? Well the answer to that is simple enough. If you owned a software business would you want some random company making money off of your software? I know I wouldn’t. But with the latest software update to OS X, Netbook battery life is increased. They have also made it more stable. So Apple may not want 3rd party companies to make a Hackintosh, but I think they are encouraging their customers to make their own.

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