Apple Odd Stuff: Permanent Ink

Doing research for this week’s post, I learned some things. Many people with Apple tattoos are also very hairy. Also, there are a ton of moles out there that you guys should be getting checked out. Lastly, not everyone with an Apple tattoo can take a good, clear picture. So while there were more fantastic tattoos out there, quite a few pics were not pretty. I’ve scorched my retinas so you don’t have to. I went ahead and started with Stephen Hackett’s DogCow tattoo, as it is pretty awesome.

There seems to be a bit of a theme of getting corresponding geek tattoos on your forearms. Here we have a classic black Apple logo and the power button.

As much as I do love the command symbol, I miss having an Apple key on my keyboards.

I loved how many retro Apple logo tattoos I found. Some of them looked as old as that logo is. Here’s a freshy for you.

The Apple Jolly Roger tattoo was also popular. This is Dana. There’s a whole series of her nude with an iMac. I love how geeky some of the comments are. They drool about the iMac and kind of miss the whole naked chick thing.

I love how this one was actually taken in an Apple Store. Look closely and you can see that the “Here’s to the rebels” is done in nice chunky pixels.

I love this pic — the contrast in the photo itself and the crispness of new ink. That’s a serious command symbol.

Now this is some dedication here. Maybe someday when I move on I’ll get a Joshua Schnell tattoo on my arm. I might have to photoshop that. I’ll use his new crazy twitter avatar face.

While I couldn’t find any pictures of anyone actually getting an Apple brand (try googling Apple branding btw) I know there’s got to be someone out there that has done that or an Apple logo implant. You know there is.

Hope you like my finds. If you come across any awesome Apple items or even those that makes you say WTF, shoot me an email at and we’ll feature it.

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