Apple loses another iPhone prototype, begs SFPD for help

It seems that Apple has lost track of yet another iPhone prototype. We can only assume that the Apple employee (or perhaps now former Apple employee) was just tipsy enough to allow a total stranger to slip the phone out of their hands during a late night at San Fran’s Cava 22 lounge. I wonder who owns the movie rights to this one, ’cause it’s gonna be a blockbuster.

CNET tells us that “A day or two after the phone was lost… Apple representatives contacted San Francisco police, saying the device was priceless and the company was desperate to secure its safe return…”

Surely since I’m able to Find My iPhone anytime I want, Apple can trace this little bugger to the centimeter. And trace it, they did.

Apple electronically traced the phone to a two-floor, single-family home in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood, according to the source.

A man in the home admitted to being at Cava 22 the night of the incident, but denied any connection with the HoudiniPhone. Whether Apple has recovered the device, or ever will, remains a mystery at this point. I’m pretty sure that Apple’s little conniption will have whoever is in possession of the device scared enough to keep them from posting any photos at this point, which is an utter shame. Who wants to call dibs on making this story into an action movie? Jake Gyllenhaal could pass as an Apple exec, or something. Eh, eh? Oh, fine. I’ll be weeping in the corner.

Image: SugarStand
Source: MacRumors

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