Apple introduces Hall of Fame for Apps

A Hall of Fame makes so much sense when it comes to the App Store that we loved it the first time we heard about it, when it was called the App Hall of Fame. We just so happen to be on the selection commitee over there, so this news hits a little bit closer to home then we would like.

Apple has created a competitor and placed it directly into the App Store, which is a really smart move on their part. People want to buy the best of the best, and not the crappy apps that clog up the listings pages. So we can’t fault Apple for including a similar feature in the iTunes App Store.

What is interesting is the overlap between Apple’s Hall of Fame, and the App Hall of Fame. It looks like everyone’s in agreement: Angry Birds, Instapaper, Pandora, Plants Vs. Zombies, Flight Control, and Evernote are pretty worthy of extra distinction on the App Store.

What’s the App Hall of Fame?

The website, created by the 148 Apps team, collects a huge list of journalists and bloggers, puts them into a digital room, and then gets them to vote on and select popular applications every single month. Names on the membership list include Chris Prillo, Daniel Brusilovsky, Frederico Viticci, Jim Dalrymple, Mike Schramm, Patrick Jorden, as well as our own Christine Morris, and me.

So here’s the obvious question: who’s going to be better at picking “Hall of Fame” candidates—us or them?

I’ll tell you this much. The App Hall of Fame has a huge list of people who know a lot about the apps on the App Store. Who exactly picks Apple’s App Store Hall of Fame?

Game on.

Article Via The Next Web

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