VGA And HDMI Converters For The New Lightning Connector Are Coming


The 30-pin connector is over, and a new generation of connectors called Lightning has arrived. Unfortunately, that means all of our 30-pin cables are a lot less useful as soon as the iPhone 5 ships. Apple does sell a Lightning to 30-pin adaptor, but it doesn’t support video out. Audio out, syncing, and charging all still work with the adaptor, but video is a no-go. Fear not, Apple is completely willing to sell you all new cables that will work.

Apple confirmed with the Verge that Lighting to HDMI and Lightning to VGA cables will be available from Apple in the months to come. If you’re trying to get a video feed from your iPhone 5 this Friday, AirPlay will be your only option, sadly. This also means that you’ll need to buy even more cables. While the Lightning connector is undoubtedly superior to the 30-pin of yore, the transition period will still be rough. Hopefully, we’ll see these new cables as soon as Apple can make them. People using projectors really are out in the cold with their new iPhones.

Source: The Verge
Image Credit: Miles Goodhew

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