Twitterrific 4.1 due out today via Mac App Store

Twitterrific — the Twitter client from the guys at the Icon Factory — is due for an update today. Version 4.1 brings some new features, a bunch of improvements and some bug fixes.

The app is great, and these improvements are very welcome — the quotation mark/URL bug that drove me back to Twitter for Mac finally got squashed. Check out the entire change log below.

New Features

  • Username auto-completion when composing a tweet
    • Press Tab to insert the first username shown into the tweet
  • New advanced media options for custom image upload services


  • Default font changed to Helvetica to match OS X standards
  • Improved font rendering in the timeline for clarity
  • Smoother scrolling performance when used with Apple’s Magic Mouse
  • Timeline views in pop-overs now color coded properly
  • Single tweet view eliminated for faster access to tweet actions
  • Improved loading of multiple tweets in a conversation when selected
  • User profiles now include total number of tweets from a user
  • Copy and pasted author names now include a leading @ symbol
  • Text size settings now also affect text in the compose area and sidebar
  • Large font size setting is slightly larger
  • Timestamps now update in real time

Bug Fixes

  • Global trends load properly
  • User avatar images load more consistently
  • Hash tags containing underscores display correctly
  • Links in smart quotes (like can now be opened
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