Turn-By-Turn Navigation Delayed In Australia

Apple Maps certainly hasn’t been one of the most well-received features, having gotten so many complaints with its release in iOS 6 that Tim Cook released an official apology. Now it looks like Apple Maps is having another little hiccup as Apple has decided to delay turn-by-turn navigation in Australia.

Australia was supposed to get the feature this month but, according to Apple’s website, Australian users won’t be getting turn-by-turn navigation until sometime in November. The feature is already available in 52 countries around the world, with Australia being the last remaining country to have the feature enabled.

When Apple Maps was released in Australia, a number of landmarks were mislabeled, like Apple’s own Sydney store. The original feature, Directions, which is different from turn-by-turn navigation, would send Australians into the middle of bodies of water and through buildings. This is the same issue with turn-by-turn that many users outside of Australia are complaining about.

News of this delay in Australia comes shortly after it was reported that Scott Forstall’s upcoming departure from Apple was due to the fact that he wouldn’t sign the apology letter for Apple Maps, which was subsequently signed only by CEO Tim Cook. From the sounds of it, it seems that Apple wants to make sure they get this right before releasing it to the public.

Image Credit: Al Arabiya News

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