Turkey’s First Ever Apple Store Will Open On April 5th

While Turkey has been in tech news lately for its government’s decision to ban access to both Twitter and now YouTube, here’s a somewhat nicer story to come out of the country.

April 5th has been confirmed to be the official opening day for Turkey’s first ever Apple Store, which will be located in Istabul’s “Zorlu Centre” mall.

The 20,000 square foot store will feature a second underground story and will be located in the center of a garden. Tim Cook stated last month that the location would include quite a unique design, and that it would also have a “cubic glass ceiling”.


Tim Cook and Turkish President Abdullah Gül are both set to attend the store’s grand opening at 10:00 AM next Saturday. President Gul has been making recent headlines for publicly condemning Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’s decision to impose a nation wide Twitter ban.

Istanbul is Turkey’s largest city, and is the fourth largest city in the world, with an estimated population of 13,900,000.

Expect the store to see some seriously packed crowds come April 5th.

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