Top Macgasmic posts of the week: May 9th edition

As we pass by the week of May 9th we are hopefully closer to a new iPhone as these are once again our top hits for the week. You guys loved Josh’s take on the iCloud and Nuance Voice control, with more than double the views of our next top hitting post. Josh’s post on the iPhone home button and speaker leak was popular, I personally liked his take on it. (This is the point where I’m going to stop saying “Josh” as all of our top posts this week were his.) We had one none iOS related Apple product in our top 5 this week, the MacBook Air is rumored to get an ARM processor by the end of 2012. Finally he explored the rumor of the Nano getting games and threw in a few other Nano options for thought. Thanks again for reading and participating in the comments this week!

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