Top Macgasmic posts of the week: May 2nd edition

First of all, happy Mother’s day to all you geeky moms and moms of geeks! Hope you all are having a wonderful day “off” (are we ever truly off?). Now back to all that was popular on macgasm the week of May 2nd. Let me say how impressed I am that you all widened your horizons and read more than just iPhone rumors. Our number one post this week by Stephen was showing how the iPhone helped in finally tracking Osama down (wink, wink). Josh reported on an iPhone 5 rumor that talks about two models, including a pro version. You guys were really excited about Terry’s article on replacement SSDs for the MacBook Air. Josh incited some fun fanboy fights by using “Yay openess” in his post title. Finally we wrap it up with iPod Touch 5 rumors from Wayne. It was a good week for news and I’m happy to see it wasn’t just all about the iPhone 5. Thanks for reading and participating in our macgasm community.

  • So, that’s what the iPhone tracking thing was all about…
  • Rumor: iPhone 5 and iPhone 5 Pro could be on the docket
  • OWC offers 480GB SSD for the current MacBook Air
  • Free tethering on Android banned by carriers and Google. Yay openness.
  • Rumor: 5th generation iPod touch photos circulating
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