You’re probably already aware of this, but today is Steve Jobs Day. Organized by fans at Studiocom prior to Steve Jobs’ death, the day has taken on a bit more poignancy since. You can find out information about the day at Warning: the “Look like Steve” section of the page, where anyone can submit a picture of themselves looking like Steve, has the occasional NSFW photo, which is unfortunate and detracts from the intent of the organizers, to put it mildly. Can we get a moderator in here, please?

Anyway, to commemorate Steve Jobs, you can look like Steve in a black mock turtleneck and jeans, you can tweet about it with the hashtag #stevejobsday or go to the Facebook page, and you can participate in person at a meetup in your area.

You can also share your thoughts about Steve to Apple directly via email to [email protected]. And, perhaps most importantly, the organizers would like you to consider supporting cancer research by making a donation to any number of charities like the American Cancer Society or Canadian Cancer Society.

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