This App Smacks You When You Hit Up Your Favorite Time Wasting Site

We all get sidetracked during the work day. For me, it’s sites like Reddit. For you, it’s probably Facebook and Twitter. It’s inevitable, and it may even be a healthy way to take a moment and rest your brain cogs while you’re working on a particularly difficult problem. Problem is, though, it’s easy to go from refreshment to complete waste of time. A new app from Vojtech Rinik looks to solve that by digitally slapping you in the face the moment you hit up your favorite time-wasting websites.

Based on the dude who hired a girl to slap him every time he wasted time during the work day, Rinik built an application that does the same thing, minus the red slap mark on the face. The application, available for OS X, lets you add your favorite sites, and then lets you know when you visit them. It’s a nice reminder to stop being so damn lazy throughout the work day.

Before you think the application is broken, look for an eyeball in your menubar. It does seem a bit buggy in 10.7, but lucky for you, you can download the source code and fix it yourself.

Productivity: One. Slacking off: Zero.

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