Things May Get A Little Large In Dubai With New Apple Store

Ostentatious, sure. Insane, maybe. Outright awesome, absolutely. Apple, known for building some of the most beautiful retail stores around the world, has plans to expand its empire by building a new store in the capital of ostentatious, Dubai.

New reports have the company looking for new retail employees in the United Arab Emirates to fill positions at a store in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates. According to, the store will be Apple’s largest retail location:

Our undisclosed source said that the store – which will be the biggest Apple has ever built – was originally planned to replace the current cinema complex. The timing of the recent job adverts suggest the store could have a planned opening for the first quarter of 2015… The job adverts are for 13 positions including business managers, store leaders, inventory specialists, technical leads and even iTunes interns.

You can get everything else in Dubai, so why not an official store from Apple. You can already by cars made of diamonds and gold, so why not an iPhone or twelve to play around with while you’re partaking in the debauchery available to you in the Las Vegas of the Middle-east. Personally, I was hoping Apple would build its own island in the region, shaped like its famous logo.

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