Things Get Worse At RIM, 40 Percent Of Workforce To Get Cut

It’s easy to harp on RIM for its continued stupidity, but we often forget on this site that there are a lot of really hard-working people who rely on the company to feed their families. Unfortunately, as the company continues to make misstep after misstep, employees begin losing their jobs. Reuters has found that Chief Legal Officer Karima Bawa has resigned, and that RIM is about to undergo a major reframing of the organization. Long story short, a lot of people are about to get a pink slip.

It’s not just the top executives getting the axe either: “The Waterloo, Ontario-based company currently employs around 16,500 people globally. Two sources with close connections to RIM have told Reuters that RIM plans to bring its workforce closer to 10,000 by early next year.” Late last week the Globe and Mail reported that the company was about to cut 2000 jobs around June 1st, 2012.

Sadly, it’s the employees getting the axe for the ineptitude of upper management and their arrogance. You can only play loose and fast with reality so long before you have to start cutting your staff. I mean, two CEOs should have been able to see that one coming down the pipeline better than any other company with one CEO, right?

Via: Reuters and Globe And Mail

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