The Mac Pro, Not So Dead After All?

If you’re waiting for a new Mac Pro, it sounds like your wait may soon be coming to an end. Jim Dalrymple, during a podcast episode with Dan Benjamin on Amplified, gave a one word reply when asked by Benjamin if Apple will discontinue the professional grade machine. Dalrymple’s reply, in typical Dalrymplian fashion, “No.” That’s it, that’s all.

There’s no denying that Jim is a connected man. We’re taking his word for it. That said, there’s still no timeline in sight. It could be at WWDC, it could be in September, or it could be in 2015. There’s zero evidence that remotely suggests one way or another at this point.

We get a lot of email from video and audio professionals looking for advice on whether or not they should purchase the current Mac Pro, wait for a new one, or make entirely different plans altogether. We don’t really have an answer. Rumor after rumor has suggested that a new Mac Pro would be forthcoming, but here we still sit, wondering if Apple has unofficially dropped the computer from its lineup, or if they’re just waiting until the stars align before they unleash a new beast of a machine onto the masses.

Our advice, if you’re in desperate need of a new machine and can’t wait, buy what you need. If you can hold off, hold off. Pretty simple. I, on the other hand, will be waiting to upgrade my 2010 Mac Pro. You should probably wait too.

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