The iPad Mini Is Getting Ripped Apart, Having Its Guts Examined

The iPad mini is beginning to land in people’s hands, which means only one thing: iFixit is already in the process of ripping the device apart and checking out all the nitty gritty details of the device.

A couple of interesting tidbits have already been revealed by the teardown of the iPad mini. First, rumors were hinting that Samsung technologies were completely out in the iPad mini. At first glance, it looks like the display in the iPad mini could have been built by Samsung, and at the very least the display driver chip is by Samsung.

And, like everyone’s been speculating about on the Internet for the last week, the iPad mini DOES in fact have stereo speakers. Phil Schiller’s confirmed it. All the early iPad mini reviews have confirmed it. Now the iFixit teardown has confirmed it. Stereo speaker are in, mono speakers are out.

The teardown is currently in progress, so you may want to head over to iFixit to see how it all plays out and to get a repairability score for the iPad mini. It should be completed shortly.

We’ll be sure to update this particular post with any new interesting findings and a couple of photos once iFixit gets through the entire teardown. As always, we recommend you check out their site and follow along. It’s usually pretty interesting to see the entire device taken apart step-by-step.

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