That iPhone 5 Backplate Mod We Posted Yesterday? Yup, Takeddown Notice Served

Yesterday we posted an article about an iPhone 5 backplate mod that would let users quickly convert their iPhone 4S to a new backplate that is designed to look like the new iPhone’s backplate. Well, at least, designed to look like how the rumor mills say the backplate is going to look on the upcoming iPhone.

Turns out the hounds of Cupertino weren’t too impressed with the backplate, and Apple has filed a takedown notice with iPhone5Mod to remove the product from its website.

The iPhone5Mod team posted the take down letter on its website. Here’s an excerpt:

We are authorized to send notice and takedowns on behalf of Apple Inc. (“Apple”), the owner of the federally registered Apple logo trademark (among others) hereinafter referred to as the Apple Trademark(s) … We are writing to request your assistance with a website hosted by xxx INC that is violating Apple’s intellectual property rights … The website,, is offering for sale and selling merchandise bearing counterfeit Apple trademark(s). Such illegal use of Apple Trademark(s) is a violation of federal and State trademark laws.

There’s plenty of backplate replacement companies on the Internet that ship cheap replacement parts for cracked iPhone backplates. They all continue to exist, and it seems like few have been sent takedown notices. Which begs the question, why this backplate mod and why now? I’m sure you can connect the dots on this one.

iPhone5Mod will continue to sell the backplates for 48 hours, and they will ship out the products and fullfill requests according to their website. If you’re looking for a nice new update to your iPhone without having to shell out for a new phone, now’s your chance.

Source: iPhone5Mod

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