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We’ve always wondered if Apple had a PR team answering Jobs’ email from time to time. But, we grew to love the short, and often frank emails from Steve Jobs while he was steering the ship over the years, regardless of who was sending them. As luck would have it, Tim Cook also seems to be interested in continuing the dialog with the Apple-loveing public, at least in the near future.

According to both MacRumors and iDownloadBlog, Tim Cook has taken up the Twitter-like replies over email just like his predecessor. In both cases the emails took on the same tone as the Jobs emails.

PR team or not, having a direct line to the CEO of the world’s largest company is a pretty great idea, and it’s something I’ve personally made use of when problems arise with some of my products. More often than not I receive a phone call pretty quickly from a manager at some level, who is more than happy to help me with my problem.

What do you think? Actually the CEOs, the PR team, or a little of both?

Source: MacRumors
Via: iDownloadBlog

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