Survey shows 63 million iOS gamers download 5 million games every day

Distimo and Newzoo are research firms that compile data every month about the state of platform gaming in the United States. Each month they collect and share research that other companies can use in the development of their apps.

This month, the two companies released a survey showing that there are 63 million gamers using the iOS platform. Gamers in all surveyed areas combined are downloading an average of 5 million games every day. This includes gamers in the United States, the UK, and five other European countries. A relatively large 4.6 million of those games are downloaded for the iPhone and iPod touch, as opposed to the iPad. About 400,000 games are download for the iPad everyday, versus 41,000 per day for the Mac.

Clearly, the data shows that if you are trying to get the most people possible to download your game, you should probably be developing for the iPhone and iPod touch.

The study indicated that each gamer downloads 2.5 games per month. The survey also revealed that about half of all apps downloaded in the United States are games.

In other related news, this is probably why the Lodsys patent troll corporation is targeting in-app purchases. In-app purchases are used primarily by game developers, more so than by any other type of developer. These purchases generate 2/5 of all game-based revenue on the iOS platform. If there are more game developers than any other type of developer, patent trolls have more targets to take advantage of, and can therefore make more money. This is disgusting, but very revealing.

The good news we can take from this is that Apple’s iOS platform is doing incredibly well. In fact, it’s doing better than any other mobile gaming platform in history. iOS game sales are astronomically higher than the total sales from all other mobile gaming platforms combined, including industry giants such as Sony and Nintendo. This is very impressive, especially for such an amazingly young platform, a platform that can only have an incredibly bright future.

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Photo Credit: NewZoo

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