Suh-weet million-seller game Limbo coming to Mac in 2011

I get to write up a lot of announcements here at Macgasm, but this one is a real treat: Limbo, the hot game from Playdead, has not only crossed the million-sales mark, but is also coming to the Mac before the year’s end.

Originally released for the Xbox 360 last year (though since migrated to PS3 and PC), Limbo is a gorgeous and very somber adventure game in which you play a young boy looking for his sister. The dark, misty environments have a unique look that can’t be mistaken for any other game. But it’s more than just a pretty face; Limbo has tricky puzzles and tense, gut-clenching dilemmas that will sometimes make you grit your teeth in frustration and fear. Go ahead and act like you’ve heard it all before, but we’ll see how brave you are when a mind slug makes you march a little boy into a buzzsaw.

The crazy success of Limbo has given Playdead some of the muscle they need to establish themselves as a stronger company and become independent, and bring the game to the Mac using Steam and the Steamworks feature. Expect a price tag of $9.99.

Source: Shacknews

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