Splash the cash on Apple stock according to analyst house Piper Jaffray

Buy Buy Buy! That’s the message coming out of US analyst house Piper Jaffray. Gene Munster, a Wall Street analyst at the firm, is adamant that now is the perfect time to be buying Apple stock. The reason why? Growth.

Munster is sure that Apple’s recent growth rate is sustainable and despite recent shaky trading following Steve Job’s leave of absence, there’s enough stability at AAPL to maintain market advances.

Furthermore, with WWDC approaching and plenty of rumors flying around of what’s in store, it’s no surprise that leading analysts are suggesting now is a good time to invest. He shared the opinion that:

“We believe that the multiple will expand slightly as the Street gains confidence in sustainable growth of 25% or greater, new product categories, and new software announced at WWDC on 6/6 will serve as a catalyst in the future.”

However, he’s not blind to alternative views and does suggest that:

“In many ways Apple is a victim of its own success in the eyes of shareholders. There are several reasons why some are concerned AAPL will not move higher, including ownership reaching maximum levels among key investors, tough growth comps over the next several quarters, and a lack of share appreciation following a significant beat in March.”

With iOS 5 and OS X Lion on the horizon, as well as other unannounced products, it’d take a risk adverse individual to ignore the logic behind Piper Jaffray’s suggestions.

Article Via AppleInsider

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