Singapore digitalizes military by distributing iPads to personnel

First the US, now Singapore. The country’s Defence Ministry has announced that it’s going to be giving out 8,000 of Apple’s tablet to its new staff. The iPad is proving to be an effective tool for military staff, and Singapore is keen not to be left behind.

Staff will have the capability to provide on the fly recon, throwing the taking of photos and videos that get uploaded to a central database. There’s also the ability to message other military personnel, presumably more effectively when iMessages comes into action.

The government’s not resting on its laurels either. It’s recruiting the help of private firms to develop apps for the iPad that can be used for its specific military tasks. On hand to share the reasoning behind the rollout, Defence Chief Neo Kian Hong said,

“The use of popular and current information and communications technology [allows us] to harness our […] technologically savvy servicemen.”

Source: Yahoo

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