Sharp Announces Mac Compatible 4K Touchscreen Displays

Sharp has announced that it will be releasing a 32-inch 4K touchscreen monitor that will support OS X out of the box.

The display has an “3840×2160 IGZO LCD panel, and includes a capacitative touch interface and pen support.”

The display was on display at CEATEC Japan and ran off a MacBook Pro.

Fox News has just released a video showing off its state of the art newsroom that makes use of giant tablets and other fancy-schmancy gimmicks to get people interested in news again. I’m wondering if they regret their decision. It seems to me that their newsroom can now be rebuilt with a bunch of Sharp Displays, Mac Minis, Apple TVs and Airplay.

Kidding aside, the new Sharp displays are being marketed as solutions for commercial and retail situations. It makes sense because these things won’t be cheap when they ship.

Sorry about the image quality, it’s the best we could find

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