Samsung On The Hook For Another $290 Million Payment To Apple

A jury has ruled that Samsung is on the hook to pay another 290 million dollars to Apple as a penance for outright copying, and ignoring patents, used to create Apple’s iPhone. The ruling now brings the total to $900 million dollars.

Apple wanted 380 Million, Samsung offered 52 Million, but the jury decided the actual number was more like $290,456,793.00.

Reports have circulated this week that Samsung was doing its best to have the case entirely dismissed because of what they claim were “racist” comments made by an Apple attorney during the trial, and then the fact that the US Patent and Trademark Office recently decided one of the more important patents referenced during the trial may actually be invalid.

The judge bought none of it. Samsung’s on the hook.

If you’re as bored with this as  we are, you’re out of luck. Both companies continue to squabble over the details, and you can expect retrial after retrial. This one won’t be ending any time soon.

Photo Credit: Yutaka Tsutano ( cc )

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