Runic Games Releases Torchlight II ‘New Heroes Will Arise’ Cinematic

Runic Games is getting ready for the release of Torchlight 2, and they’ve been pretty great at keeping all of their fans in the loop as the game’s development has been ongoing. The original RPG was highly spoken of throughout the industry, and we’ve been keeping a close eye on where the sequel is heading monitoring the Runic website. We’re pretty excited that Torchlight 2 will have co-op and online co-op so you can play the game with your friends.

Anyway, Runic Games has released a New Heroes Will Arise cinematic for Torchlight II that aims to fill fans of the franchise in on what happened after the original Torchlight series, and where Torchlight II will begin.

What led to the release of the cinematic?

We were very aware that the story was an area where we could improve upon Torchlight greatly in a sequel. Like I said, we didn’t have a whole lot of time to invest into properly setting up, fleshing out, and delivering a particularly engaging story for the first Torchlight. We had a lot of our backstory and key points mapped out “in our heads” (we have a collective hive mind), and we tried to hint at greater things where we could, but it wasn’t necessarily translating into a narrative. We wanted to make sure we addressed that for Torchlight II.

For those waiting on the sequel, Torchlight 2 is rumored to be available some time this July. Given the impending release of Diablo III, and now the update on Torchlight II, we’re pretty sure most of our summer is going to be spent playing through these amazing RPG titles.

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