Rumor: Apple is potential buyer in Grand Central Terminal space opening

For those of you who’ve never been there, Grand Central Terminal in New York City has a lot  of upscale stores and restaurants for people waiting for trains. The Terminal is an extremely expensive place for real estate, and one that few companies can afford. It looks like Apple may be in line to become one of those few.

Apple has expressed interest in opening an Apple Store in Grand Central Terminal, but until now that has been an impossibility due to the fact that there were simply no space openings there. However, that all changed recently when one of the existing stores in Grand Central Terminal announced that they are moving out. The lease for this store is up for grabs and will require a sizable deposit from whatever fortunate company ends up there. Apple is one of the few companies with the financial power to afford such a large deposit, and considering they have wanted to open a store there for so long, it looks like they might just pull the trigger on it.

Bidding for the space has yet to begin, but the odds of an Apple Store opening in Grand Central Terminal are looking pretty good at this point. So, the next time you take the train through NYC, you might just be able to stop at an Apple Store right there in Grand Central Terminal.

Image and Article Via MacRumors

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