Rumor has Apple gearing up to release all new Macs as early as this year

Macotakara has claimed that Apple is getting ready to re-introduce their current lineup with Macs that are “absolutely different from current products” by the end of the year. Actually, the quote is a little bit hard to understand, considering it was originally written in Japanese. Google Translate has revealed the following translation:

As information from suppliers in Asia, Apple is different from the current product line-up, no matter it is planning to announce a new Mac later this year at all.

Source does not tell the details, and current products will be clearly different product is definitely not it be considered or given a new name from the specification.”

There’s a lot of keywords that we should pay attention to in the original article, but I’d be lying if I said that we didn’t have to guess at what they were trying to say.

Revamped Macs have been rumored to be on the way for almost a year now, but the only thing customers have seen is bumps in specifications along the way. Leading up to the release of Thunderbolt equipped Macs, many sites were also reporting that Apple was going to release a slimmer and revamped Mac Pro. It hasn’t come to fruition just yet, and it still pops up in the rumor mill from time to time.

Apple has gone on record stating that all of their laptop models will take on the look and feel of the newly updated MacBook Air, but that has yet to happen. We wouldn’t be surprised if Apple reintroduced the MacBook Pro as a thinner, lighter edition. It’s almost expected.

As for the desktop editions, it’s been quite a while since Apple has last released major updates to the way that the computers look.

The iMac’s last drastic change was 2007, going from the white polycarbonate that we’ve all grown to love over the years to the aluminum model. The Mac Pro went aluminum back in August of 2006. The MacBook Pro went from a PowerBook to MacBook Pro in 2006, although the “aluminum” look and feel has been in the PowerBook since 2003.

As you can see, the machines that are on at the market today have been refinements that have been occurring for a number of years. It’s hard to imagine that Apple wouldn’t continue down this path considering how successful their sales have been.

Source: Macotakara
Via: AppleInsider
Photo Credit: Robby Mueller

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