Rare, sealed Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh pops up on eBay

The Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh is a strange machine. For sale in 1997, the TAM was built to mark Apple’s 20th anniversary, and costs $7,499. It featured many innovations we now take for granted, such as an all-in-one design featuring an LCD and a trackpad for use with a desktop computer. It’s considered by many the system used by Jonathan Ive and the rest of Apple’s design team to play with things that they would use for years to come.

The TAM can run up to OS 9.1, and such upgrades as G3 chips were on the market for some time.

Only 11,601 were sold. As such, these machines are now super rare, and considered collectible by Apple historians. And one just popped up on eBay, new in the box. According to Electronista, the accessory boxes have been opened for inspection, but all components are still in their original packaging.

At the time of this post, the auction is up to $1,025.00. I fully expect it to go higher in the next six days.


Article Via Electronista

Image Credit: Jake Ehrlich

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