RadioShack Starts To Sell Mac Accessories

RadioShack has just begun selling Mac accessories produced by Apple. This is the first time the company has done so, though it has previously sold third-party accessories, iPods and iPhones. These accessories include the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad, amongst other peripherals. You can view the full list of accessories on RadioShack’s website.

If the past repeats itself, we may very well see RadioShack sell Apple laptops and desktops later this year. We saw a similar situation at Staples in the past. The company started out selling Mac accessories, and eventually moved on to sell Macs, iPads and iPhones.

RadioShack is an electronics store who has over 4,700 stores in the United States and Mexico. The company is known for selling a mix of consumer electronics, electronics hardware and audio equipment.

RadioShack is currently running a promotion that gives all purchases of $30 or more a free $10 credit towards a future purchase. This promotion ends on June 1st, so If you’re in the market for a new AirPort Express or other accessory, it’s worth giving your local RadioShack a visit.

Image Source: Bekathwia

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