Quirky And Fab Teaming Up To Socially Create New iPhone 5 Products Tonight. We Have The First Look!

Live stream videos at Ustream

Quirky, the awesome company that helps creative product designers bring their concepts to real life, is teaming up with the fine folks over at Fab tonight (over the next 24 hours) to take your iPhone 5 related ideas and bring them to life. Earlier today Grant mentioned the time crunch that’s on case and peripheral developers to get out in front of the competition, and Quirky and Fab will be helping you do that. All the products that Quirky and Fab manage to pull off tonight will be exclusively on sale on Fab September 19th.

The Quirky design team has been sifting through submission and are currently evaluating, along side the community, which products will make it into the lineup.

We’ll have product updates, renderings, and images first! If this kind of thing interests you, check out Quirky’s live stream, and refresh this page for updates!

Evaluation is well underway!

Product Brainstorm Sessions Going Down: Power Curl Redux

What’s Power Curl Redux? The people have voted and they want a way to wrapup the new earbuds and chargers for the iPhone for easier carrying and storage. Quirky’s making it happen.

Alex Lyon is already working on packaging for the Power Curl Redux:

Want To Join In? Take The Priority Survey To Determine What Happens First

You can get the survey on Quirky’s Wufoo form.

Brainstorming Sessions Still Underway

What’s A Party Without Some DJ Vinyl Goodness From DJ Chuck Barry?

Looks Like An iPhone 5 Bike Mount Is Well On Its Way

You can check out the ideation and original concept here.

Oh My, What About A Bumper Stylus For The iPhone 5? Out Of Site, But Within Reach

Contemplating The Band-it Case

Think bands on the back of an iPhone case, but with the ability to hold stuff. Photos are coming, we promise.

Sketches Are Coming Along Nicely

The PowerLoop: An iPod Touch Wrist Strap That Doubles As A Lightning Cable

This is absolutely genius. Can we get 5?

A New iPhone 5 Dock Is Born Of Ink And Paper

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