PopCap Going For World’s Longest Card Gaming Marathon Record

The PopCap team obviously takes gaming seriously. So seriously in fact that the company known for popular titles like Plants vs. Zombies and Bejeweled plans on breaking the world record for the longest video game marathon playing a card game record. It’s a long record title, but pretty cool nonetheless.

PopCap will attempt to break the record by letting two fans, Laura Rich and Kathleen Henkel, play Solitaire Blitz for 30 consecutive hours from June 26th to 27th. The awesome doesn’t end there, either; both contestants will raise funds for charity should they eventually be successful in reaching the 30 hour mark.

I love gaming, but sleeping is a bigger priority for me. I’m not really all that certain that I could hit the 30 hours played mark in one session. Could you? Actually, the better question is what’s the longest gaming session you’ve ever endured without quitting a game or leaving a console? Me, it was around 8 hours, tops.

Source: Pocket Gamer

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