Poll: Is A Four Inch Screen Half An Inch Too Big?

Most of the punditry and negative posts circulating the Internet this week about the iPhone 5 pretty much consist of a lot of FUD, but there’s one thing I can’t stop thinking about since the keynote, and even worse, since I pulled the trigger on a pre-order early Thursday morning. That four-inch screen, for most of us, may require us to stretch or even use two hands to reach the top row of applications while holding the device in one hand.

I’ve gone on the record before, and having pretty small, girly hands, has me worried that the increase from 3.5 inches to 4 inches is half an inch too big for me. Sure, it makes sense from a video watching, gaming, and screen real estate perspective, but what about a comfort and usability perspective? My opinion’s still out on this one, since I’ve yet to actually hold the iPhone 5 in one hand, but until the device shows up at my door, my opinion’s going to be waffling on whether or not this new iPhone is half an inch too big for a large number of users.

What do you think? Too big? Too small? Vote below!

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